Ms. Jordan embodies the part in Watch Your Head and her joy in acting is evident in performance. I can imagine her role as an inspirational keynote speaker/performer or as an educator.
Mimi Savage PhD, RDT
SoCal NADTA Chapter President

Diana was able to captivate the audience with her encouraging words, while inspiring them to reach their dreams.
Becky Boatwright
Best Buddies Los Angeles Western Colleges Program Manager

Diana’s performance of Watch Your Head make one believe in the power of live theater.
Honest and vulnerable.

Diana is a very patient teacher. She explains very clearly what she wants her students to deliver and works with them step by step. Diana always positively reinforces her student’s efforts and is quick to complement fine work.
Kellie McKuen
7th Heaven (guest star 2 eps) Lifetime Television’s What Would You Do

Diana’s commitment to challenging discrimination and stereotypical images of persons with disabilities is matched by her dynamic persona in front of audiences and the camera.
Ray Bradford
CEO Ray Bradford Group

It felt like she was telling me her life story
Diana can move one to tears and laughter, sometimes at the same time

She is a tremendous teacher with the masterful sense to actually train students. So many teachers or instructors just go through the motions, but Diana strategically plans her lessons and gets results.I highly recommend her as a coach, teacher, instructor, actress and a wonderful person.
David Zimmerman
Actor/Producer, DSZ Productions

Hearing you and what you’ve been through, made me realize we can do anything in this world as long as we try our best and never give up.
North Hollywood High School

Diana Elizabeth Jordan is a marvelous actress.
Diana Elizabeth Jordan is superb in Watch Your Head.

The best part of the event was listening to Diana speak She is an unbelievable speaker. Her drive has driven me to do bigger things than I already am.
Patrick Osman
International Motivational Speaker, Sales Trainer, Author

Diana has demonstrated confidence, professionalism and the ability to make a connection with youth.
Vivian Crawford
President Claremont Area Chapter of The Links, Incorporated

Diana is a powerful and captivating actress. She shines in this piece.
Diana’s work is fantastic.

When I saw Diana speak, she just blew me away with her passion, her heart. She is not good, not great, she is phenomenal.
Greg Walker
Speaker, Success Coach, Entrepreneur

If you’re considering working with Diana in any capacity you will be rewarded many times over.
Robert David Hall
Actor (CSI) and Disability Advocate

It was amazing and I’d watch it again if I could.
Oak Park River Forest High School
I think that she is motivational, inspiring, strong and beautiful
Participant LINKS Workshop

Diana’s story is a game changer and you don’t want to miss it
Rosena Cloquitt-Flynn
CEO Positivity Chronicles

Diana’s story blew me away. She had me in tears. She’s powerful
Mark Minard
Speaker, CEO Dreamshine, Executive Coach

Diana has the means of giving actors the insight to discover the truth of their characters.
John Paizis
Artistic Director Performing Arts Studio West