About Diana Elizabeth Jordan, Head Creative Artistic Chef

Diana Elizabeth Jordan MFA/OTA, likes to joke she was meant to be an actress because she entered the world in high dramatic fashion. Her doctors worked on her for 45 minutes before she started breathing on her own. Diagnosed with cerebral palsy (which mildly affects her speech and gait) around age two, she grew up loving to tell stories and determined not to let adversity stand in the way of her achieving her dreams and goals.

Diana was the first actress with a disability to obtain a Masters of Fine Arts in Acting from California State University Long Beach. She also holds certificates in Occupational Therapy (University of Kansas), Social Emotional Arts (UCLA), and is currently training to become a drama therapist.

The award winning actress has been cast in over 40 plays, film and television. The self-professed- Expressive Arts Passionista (one passion- the expressive arts, many hats) is also a professional speaker, producer, director, writer and expressive arts facilitator/coach though she rarely does them all at the same time. Her passion for the trans-formative power of the expressive arts inspired her to launch her expressive arts production company The Rainbow Butterfly Café in 2015.

Whether portraying a character in one of her shows, sharing one of her personal stories (ranging from being mainstreamed to how she pro-actively manages her anxiety and depression) in a performance lectures or facilitating one of her custom designed expressive arts workshops, Diana touches the hearts of audiences and workshop/lecture participants with her humor, creativity, vulnerability, and honesty.